UX Humor Articles & Videos

  • Users Love Change: Combatting a UX Myth

    Frequent major redesigns and changes throughout the interface support users’ need to learn and adapt to new situations.

  • Slow UI: Pace Interaction to Increase Understanding

    Overly fast interfaces are error prone and encourage users to rush through websites and other systems. Design to reduce interaction speed and increase users’ understanding and task success.

  • Eartracking: A New UX-Research Method

    Human ears exhibit micromovements that can be analyzed to identify design elements that surprise or startle users in a usability study. Eartracking has some advantages over eyetracking.

  • The User Experience of Public Bathrooms

    Public restrooms are plagued by unusable toilet-paper dispensers, difficult flushing controls, and poor stall-status visibility. Many of these issues can be addressed by following standard usability practices.

  • Canine UX: Essential Usability Principles for Dogs

    When creating interfaces for canines, keep in mind their mobile, social, and visual traits, and modify your usability-testing methods to suit this audience.

  • Ideation Is for Chumps

    Many UX designers waste precious time and effort generating multiple possible solutions when an idea is already right in front of them.

  • Motorist Trapped in Traffic Circle by Autonomous UX

    Allocating too much autonomy to technology can degrade the user experience by disempowering users to the extent that they can’t escape the computer’s decisions.

  • Difficult Designs Are Better (for Humanity)

    Expand your users’ cognitive abilities and make them think harder. Create complex interaction flows and clever, nonobvious interfaces.

  • Banish the Hamburger Menu, Adopt Pizza Menus

    Today we announce a vastly superior menu design that scales to both mobile devices and desktops and supports faster access to custom menu elements, thus overcoming two key deficiencies of current hamburger-menu designs.

  • Really Break Grammar Rules on Websites: Part Two

    Deviating from old writing guidelines makes digital content seem very fresh!!

  • Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential Design Principles for Felines

    Feline users require special considerations, including larger tap target zones for paws, continual animation, and audible vocalization.