Anna Kaley

Anna Kaley is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. Prior to joining NN/g, Anna worked for more than 10 years in user experience architecture and digital strategy. She conducted complex user research, service, and experience design for healthcare, agriculture, finance, tourism, retail, and engineering clients.


Articles and Videos

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Intranet Consolidation and Roadmap

    Johnson & Johnson’s redesigned intranet centralizes company news and digital-workplace tools on a single platform. Its intranet roadmap focused on problems to solve to improve productivity and boost the intranet’s perception.

  • Product & UX Partnerships

    Product management and user experience should partner throughout product development. But how? Here are 5 tips.

  • 9 Ways to Encourage Employee Sharing and Engagement on an Intranet

    Keysight Technologies uses features such as comments, executive question-and-answer forums, and monthly photo contests to encourage employee-generated content and sharing on the intranet.

  • ConocoPhillips’s Improved Intranet Content-Management Process

    ConocoPhillips included publishers in its intranet redesign to improve content processes and offer new tools to create high-quality information for employees.

  • Structuring Intranet Discovery & Design Research

    Commonwealth Care Alliance began its intranet redesign with discovery research that continued into detailed design and development. Involving employees early generated excitement and contributed to the new intranet’s success.

  • Intranet Design Annual Winner Preview: The UN Intranet-iSeek

    The United Nations’ intranet, The UN Intranet-iSeek, consolidated many separate intranets to align and connect employees as they carry out their important work.

  • Lean UX Documentation for Tracking and Communicating in Agile

    Succinctly documenting the right details in key places helps Agile teams avoid information overload. When UX documentation is skipped or disorganized, teams waste time trying to find or remember information instead of improving the product.

  • Asset Mapping for Experience Consistency

    Asset maps display and organize the screens and elements users encounter along workflows and journeys. They provide a systematic way of analyzing the consistency of an organization’s experience across channels.

  • UX in Scrum

    UX professionals should engage in all Scrum ceremonies. Here are tips for what UX should contribute to stand-ups, backlog refinement, sprint planning, sprint review, and retrospectives.

  • Content Creation in Agile Development Processes

    Many best practices for high-quality content creation and management will inevitably be skipped over, unless they are explicitly planned for as user stories within any Agile development project.