Beyond usability testing, NN/g researchers are also experts in a variety of methods for different research goals. Talk to us about what you hope to learn from your research project, and we can recommend the best research method, design a study, carry it out, analyze the results, and deliver a detailed report on the findings to help move your design process forward.

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Customized Research Techniques


Card Sorting

Improve your information architecture and navigation labels by learning how users expect information to be organized.



Precisely measure user interactions with an interface and learn exactly which design elements people notice and spend the most time viewing.


Tree Testing

Assess whether people can find important content and features using your current (or proposed) navigation menu hierarchy.


User Interviews

Discover user motivations and expectations with in-depth conversations, analyzed by experts to extract insights.


Diary Studies

Understand long-term interaction and conversion cycles by collecting user diary entries over time.


Custom Research

NN/g expert researchers can modify (or invent) new research methods to answer your questions. Contact us to learn more.

Pricing and Next Steps

Pricing varies depending on the scope and length of the project, but specialized research projects typically start at $40K USD.

Contact us to learn more about Customized User Research:

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+1 (415) 636-5011