Christian Rohrer

Christian Rohrer is Founder and Principal at XD Strategy, a consultancy focused on teaching and coaching on the topics of Digital Product Strategy, UX Design, Research and Data Analysis. He is former Vice President of Design, Research and Enterprise Services at Capital One, where he headed up all user research efforts company wide, as well as leading the design teams focused on identity, security and API Development. He was previously Vice President and Chief Design Officer at McAfee (aka Intel Security). Christian is a veteran of web user experience design and research, having participated directly in the development of some of the world’s most popular web destinations, including Yahoo!, eBay, and (Move, Inc.). He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and a Ph.D in Cognitive Science and Education from Stanford University.

Articles and Videos

  • Quantifying and Comparing Ease of Use Without Breaking the Bank

    The PURE method quantifies how difficult a product is to use and provides qualitative insights into how to fix it, both without costing a lot of time or money.

  • When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods

    Modern day UX research methods answer a wide range of questions. To know when to use which method, each of 20 methods is mapped across 3 dimensions and over time within a typical product-development process.