Why NN/g?

We practice what we preach

We don’t just talk about the importance of testing with real users, on real tasks, in real life business situations: we do it. Every week, somewhere around the globe, NN/g team members are conducting research that informs the three pillars of our business: training, consulting and research. In that work we have:

  • Tested over 2,000 different interfaces
  • Observed more than 4,000 users—in person—in 18 countries and 5 continents
  • Analyzed thousands of hours of recorded user observations sessions
  • Conducted countless diary studies, focus groups and remote user tests

Our collective experience will save you time… and money

Making technology easier to use is no longer a nice-to-have. Useful, usable products make money. And our expertise can help your team achieve their design goals quicker and easier than going it alone. Choosing NN/g means you benefit directly from our:

  • Finely tuned methodology: We have an arsenal of proven tools at our disposal and know how and where to apply each one, taking the guesswork out of how to achieve the optimal design solution to meet your business goals.
  • Comprehensive body of knowledge: We’ve taken the results of our decades of research and testing and distilled it down into actionable guidelines, best practices and proven methodologies. Our research library, containing over 50 published reports, 30 books and an email newsletter archive dating back to 1995 is unrivaled.
  • Practical approach: Our approach is 100% practical, useful and actionable. Whether you attend one of our UX Conferences or invite us to consult at your place of business, the training you will receive can be put into action immediately so that you can see the results.

Our people are the best in the business

At NN/g there is no “B Team.” When we dispatch consultants to work with you and your team, or when you attend an in-person training, you are learning directly from some of the best-educated and most experienced minds in the business.

  • Our principals are considered pioneers in the fields of user research and interface design.
  • Our researchers and consultants tackle the most recent and relevant topics in usability, from evergreen challenges such as information architecture and intranet usability to emerging trends in social media and mobile usability. See our client list.

We can help your organization meet its goals: Contact us