Mayya Azarova

Mayya “Maya” Azarova, Ph.D. is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. Her areas of expertise include in-depth interviews, storytelling, design thinking, and contextual inquiries. She has published academic research on biometric technology, online collaboration, and multidisciplinary teamwork.  

Articles and Videos

  • Contextual Inquiry Pitfalls

    Contextual inquiry is a UX research method where you shadow people as they do their job (or leisure tasks), allowing you to ask questions in context. This video provides advice on overcoming the main challenges with this method.

  • Growing in Your UX Career: Study Guide

    Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to articles, videos, and a free report for advice to grow in your user experience career.

  • Ethnography in UX

    Good UX design requires understanding the context and patterns of human behavior, especially in new products or features that solve real needs. The 5 steps to rapid corporate ethnography lead you to these discoveries.

  • Context Adds Value to UX Artifacts

    In a museum, knowing the backstory of an artifact makes it more interesting. Similarly, in a UX project, you can make better decisions when you know the context of your UX artifacts like journey maps and wireframes.