Rachel Krause

Rachel Krause is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. Her areas of expertise include storytelling, UX in agile, design thinking, scaling design, and UX leadership. She has also planned and conducted research on careers, UX maturity, and intranets for clients and practitioners in numerous industries.


Articles and Videos

  • Finding UX Mentors

    How to find a mentor, based on empirical research into mentorship in the UX field. A mentor can be a peer, supervisor, or someone in a role that you admire, inside or outside of your current workplace.

  • How to Create a UX Storyboard

    How storyboards fit within the UX design process, and the steps needed to make a successful storyboard to visualize a workflow, customer journey, or user story.

  • Collaborative Agile Activities Reduce Silos and Align Perspectives

    All members of an Agile team, regardless of design skills, can contribute to the design of a product or feature during the development process.

  • How to Do User Research Within Constraints

    There will always be constraints that we have to work in, whether it's not having enough time or not having dedicated researchers on our UX projects. This video offers tips on how to do user research without feeling stuck.

  • Checkboxes vs. Switches in Forms

    Navigating whether to use checkboxes or switches can help make your forms easier to use. This video covers guidelines of when to use each.

  • Storyboards Help Visualize UX Ideas

    Storyboards are visual representations of UX stories, which capture attention, provide clarity, and inspire us to take action.

  • The State of UX Job Descriptions

    When it comes to hiring for UX roles, we need to adjust our future job postings to better meet our needs.