Designing Complex Apps for Specialized Domains

Learn the design process for creating and evaluating applications for advanced decision making, complicated workflows, and complex domains

Designing complex applications to support domain-specific workflows presents unique challenges as compared to designing applications for broad audiences and generalist domains. Often, these complex apps must:

  • Support highly-trained users with specialized knowledge
  • Help users navigate and manage large underlying data sets
  • Enable advanced decision making and complex interactions
  • Mitigate the risks of executing high-impact (or high-value) tasks

In this course, we’ll break down common design challenges of complex applications to create a toolbox of appropriate usage patterns and solutions that can be applied across domains.

Additionally, we’ll expand and adapt existing design processes and UX methods for creating and evaluating complex applications given challenges such as designing with limited domain knowledge and for audiences of various levels of expertise.

"I feel like this course provided recommendations at a level of what the most successful types of complex applications are doing. It's provided a lot of useful terminology to aid in speaking to this domain as well as fodder for general ux problem solving in this domain."

Jennifer Hicks
DigitalOcean, New York, NY

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