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Search and Findability

How Design Annual winner IBM empowered users to find what they need


Cynthia Wang
Director of Design and Digital Engagement, IBM Corporation

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Recorded June 2019

60 minutes


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“Search” can be a powerful means of finding a nugget of information from a large repository of structured and unstructured data sources. However, while a search feature is often a part of the solution, Search alone is not sufficient in addressing these user needs. Intranet Design Annual winners from IBM will share their methods and learning on how to best help users find what they’re looking for.

Topics Covered

  • Background
    • Who are our users
    • User needs
    • Focusing the MVP on search
  • IA and redesign considerations related to Find
    • Importance of flexibility and fluidity  
    • How to fine-tune technology choices
    • Post-MVP 
  • Taking "Find" or "Findability" beyond Search
    • Boost Search relevancy: before and after
    • Why is Search not sufficient  
    • Other ways to help users find
  • Where do we go from here/current focus
    • "Translating" a taxonomy
    • Re-visit site navigation 
    • Crowdsourcing "Find"

60 minute talk

Search and Findability

60 minute online seminar