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Improving Intranet Content

Featuring Intranet Design Annual Winners


Irina Winsley
Information Manager, Tourism New Zealand

Kerry Corcoran
Senior Digital Communications Advisor, Enbridge Inc.

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Recorded April 2017

60 minutes


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FAQs about 1-Hour Talks

Intranets are only as strong as the content they contain. Intranet redesigns are a great opportunity to assess and revitalize content. How do you ensure quality content on a site? How do you engage and support content owners? And how do you maintain and govern content creation on an ongoing basis?

Hear from two Intranet Design Annual winning team members from Enbridge and Tourism New Zealand and learn from their experiences evaluating, migrating, improving, supporting and maintaining quality content.

See the award-winning sites and hear from team members who created them.

  • Enbridge Inc. (Canada), a company that transports, generates and distributes energy across North America, 2010 and 2016 Intranet Design Annual winner
  • Tourism New Zealand (New Zealand), the organization responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as a tourist destination, 2017 Intranet Design Annual winner

Topics Covered


  • Governance structure as it relates to content creation
  • Preparing for a large-scale intranet upgrade from the perspective of content-owners:
    • Engaging stakeholders to assess high-value content
    • Authoring permissions audit (do the right people have the right access?)
    • Developing interactive module-based training for existing and new authors
    • Providing resources to reduce support from Site Managers
    • Continuing engagement beyond the upgrade: moving from a quarterly newsletter to a Yammer community

Tourism New Zealand

  • Developing content strategy
  • Conducting content audit
  • Defining tone of voice
  • Setting up navigation structure
  • Content tagging to avoid duplication
  • Visual presentation
  • Working with content managers
  • Enriching content with Yammer conversations
  • Putting staff into picture using Picture book
  • Distilling the ‘need to know’ from the ‘nice to know’ 

60 minute talk

Improving Intranet Content

60 minute online seminar