Persuasive and Emotional Design

Create delightful experiences that touch, convince, or excite your audience

When was the last time you truly enjoyed a digital experience? Focusing on branding, design, and usability is only the starting point. Understanding the psychology behind motivation and action and how to incorporate that into your design process can take your user experiences to the next level.

In this course, we discuss psychological principles behind persuasive and emotional design, and unpack the strategies for creating “delightful” user interfaces. We cover practical, gimmick-free techniques to motivate users while enhancing user delight and analyze real-life implementations of these techniques. You will learn how to apply principles of persuasive and emotional design to foster a loyal community of engaged customers.

"Fantastic information and insights. Was able to make some tweaks to my site during the lunch break based on what I learnt and saw. An immediate impact by the end of the day."

Nichola Wilkinson
Rift Accounting

(Previously titled Persuasive Web Design)

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UX Certification Credit

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