Analytics and User Experience

Interpreting data trends in conversions, pageviews, and other user actions to identify opportunities and guide UX design

For usability and user experience professionals, much of our decision-making has traditionally been driven by empirical data derived via qualitative research — if we are lucky! With all the friction surrounding UX decisions (e.g., angry HiPPOs, disappointed designers, irritated IAs), quantitative data-driven decisions are very attractive. And getting attention from business executives and those who hold the purse-strings can be much easier when you've got quantifiable data to support your findings and recommendations.

In this course, we will outline the types of data that are available, the questions they can answer and how to incorporate these into the design process and complement existing qualitative research methods.

"Everyone gathers analytics, but no one seems to know how to use them effectively. This course teaches you exactly that. It's the type of course that helps you level-up in your career immediately."

Trevor Calabro
Aten Design Group, State College, PA

Please note: This course is not intended to provide instruction regarding how to use particular analytics packages.

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