Remote User Research

Gather insights virtually through usability testing and other remote methods

Collect insightful data about your users without leaving your desk. Remote research has a lot of benefits: it’s inexpensive, quick, and can provide better access to your users (particularly if they are not nearby or inclined to travel to you).

But there are a lot of risks in remote research. A study can easily be derailed by technical mishaps, miscommunication, misunderstandings, and poor planning. Learn how to avoid those pitfalls and run a flawless remote study.

This course has a special focus on remote usability testing (both moderated and unmoderated): the most popular and flexible tool for UX researchers. It also covers some important aspects of running remote versions of other methodologies, including interviews, card sorting, tree testing, and diary studies. Surveys and analytics are not covered in this course.

"This is a great course for anyone who is just learning how to do usability testing, anyone who has traditionally done it in person and wants to try remote methods, and anyone who has been doing remote testing and wants to get better at it."

Rob Vanasco
Regions, St. Petersburg, FL

"This course provided great insights on the approaches and tools relevant to remote research. I appreciated the comprehensive accompanying resources (and homework!) and the peppering of real examples to give context. Overall, I feel more confident now in proposing and executing a remote research project."

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