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Presenting to Stakeholders

How to build empathy and communicate value


Justin Leonard
Senior UX Architect, InRhythm

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Recorded February 2020

60 minutes


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FAQs about 1-Hour Talks

Getting buy-in from management and stakeholders can be one of the most challenging parts of the design and development process, yet it is the single most essential step to making UX practices an established part of your organization. Effective presentations to stakeholders can not only empower your team to conduct near-term UX efforts but unlock future opportunities to meet your user’s needs in new and innovative ways.

Learn how you can make a case for UX work and budget by:

  • Instilling empathy for the user
  • Conveying user needs
  • Building value in your solutions

Topics Covered

  • Gathering Assets & Ideas
    • Assess, Request and Document
    • Turning Opinions into Outcomes
  • Providing Context
    • Setting the Tone
    • Establishing your Characters & Settings
  • Understanding the Problem
    • Aligning the Problem Statement
    • Validating the Need
    • Communicating your Research
  • Communicating the Solution
    • Adding Value to Design Decisions
    • Utilizing Story Elements to Communicate Solutions

60 minute talk

Presenting to Stakeholders

60 minute online seminar