Design Tradeoffs and UX Decision Frameworks

Apply rational decision-making methods to quickly resolve common design challenges

Every design is the product of hundreds (or thousands) of decisions: Which research methods should you use? Which design principles are most important for a given task? What’s the best location for a certain button? The answer to each of these questions is a resounding, “It depends.” General UX guidelines and even specific research provide information, but they don’t tell you exactly which solution is best.

Good decision-making is the key ingredient for turning both general and specific knowledge into successful designs. But as humans, we tend to make decisions based on our gut feelings.

This course presents a framework for overcoming natural biases and bad habits and instead systematically integrating rational, structured analysis into your daily design activities. These techniques can transform your design process, yielding new insights and maximizing the benefit of your investments in research and ideation. Learn from experimental studies of decision-making outcomes, and specific UX case studies to understand how to apply rational decision-making methods and improve UX design outcomes. 

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