Changes in How Senior Citizens Use Computers

Summary: Our new user research with seniors (users aged 65 and up) shows 3 major shifts in how they use computers, compared with our first research with this audience, 20 years ago. Design for today's older users, and not for your stereotype of how these users used to be.

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Usability for Seniors: Challenges and Changes

Users ages 65 and older face unique challenges when using websites and apps. Digital literacy among this demographic is rising, but designs need to accommodate aging users.

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Lexie Kane is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. Prior to joining NN/g, she worked as a UX Designer for complex financial information systems and she also has extensive experience designing websites and games and in doing user research. She combines her background in psychology with her design and usability experience to drive insights into user behavior that form the basis for increasing the business value of interactive systems.

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