Design Process Courses

  • Attend NN/g courses at the UX Conference, or arrange Team Training for your team.

  • Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking

    Unearthing user pain points to drive breakthrough design concepts

    • Learn how to identify user pain points through empathy and as-is scenario mapping
    • Determine the user’s needs and pinpoint opportunities for improvement 
    • Leverage needs statements to generate transformational design concepts
  • Facilitating UX Workshops

    How to design and lead goal-based group exercises for collaborative gain

    • Learn how to design and facilitate UX workshops that produce insights to move your project forward
    • Build your skills and gain confidence in workshop facilitation
    • Take home new ideas for collaborative activities and learn how to design UX exercises for specific goals
  • Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs

    Learn the process for capturing and communicating UX insights across complex interactions

    • Determine when to apply journey mapping as a design tool, and how to convince others of its merit
    • Learn how to gather and compile research into truthful narratives, and find out which research methods are best for the journey mapping process
    • Understand how to visualize findings in the end visual and use that artifact to communicate your insights to others
  • Personas: Turn User Data Into User-Centered Design

    Successfully turn user data into user interfaces. Learn how to create, maintain and utilize personas throughout the UX design process.

    • How to turn complex user data into effective user personas
    • Time-tested techniques for embedding them into your design process
  • Design Tradeoffs and UX Decision Frameworks

    Apply rational decision-making methods to quickly resolve common design challenges

    • Learn decision-making methods for both large and small UX problems
    • Understand UX design tradeoffs, and how to avoid common mistakes
    • Practice applying decision-making frameworks to real-world UX challenges
  • Effective Ideation Techniques for UX Design

    Systematic methods for creative solutions to any UX design or redesign challenge

    • Understand how to improve the idea-generation phase of your UX design process
    • Practice a wide range of user-centered ideation techniques and learn how to adapt them for your team or project
    • Approach your design challenges with a fresh perspective
  • UX Deliverables

    Effectively communicate UX design ideas and research findings to managers, collaborators, and other stakeholders.

    • Learn how to effectively document and clearly communicate your design and research findings to all stakeholders, including: managers, clients, and developers.
    • Improve key deliverables such as: wireframes and prototypes, user journeys, flowcharts, personas, presentations, and usability reports.
  • Lean UX and Agile

    Applying Lean UX approaches for Agile environments

    • How to incorporate user experience techniques within Agile development
    • Apply Lean UX practices for shipping quality products quickly
  • Design Systems and Pattern Libraries

    Increase UX design quality, consistency, and designers’ efficiency

    • Creating and using standardized UX design patterns and components
    • Faster development
    • Better, more consistent design
  • UX Roadmaps

    Plan what your team will work on when, from next quarter to multi-year UX strategy. Align, prioritize, & communicate future work.

    • Learn how to create UX roadmaps for both short and long-horizon initiatives
    • Discover strategies for visualizing and communicating roadmaps to your team and stakeholders
    • Leave with the ability to adapt your roadmap to varying needs and purposes
  • Remote UX Design

    Research-driven best practices and frameworks to avoid the biggest challenges and obstacles in the remote design process

    • Create a remote UX playbook to take back to your organization
    • Learn about the most popular and effective tools and methods for remote UX
    • Discover practices and case studies for overcoming the biggest challenges of doing UX design remotely
  • DesignOps: Scaling UX Design and User Research

    Defining, sharing, and implementing design and research operations

    • Learn frameworks and processes to scale UX design within your organization
    • Discover practices and case studies for overcoming common challenges of scaling UX and user research
    • Leave with an understanding of concrete next steps for building a DesignOps practice
  • Assessing UX Designs Using Proven Principles

    Generate insights, product scorecards and competitive analyses, even when you don’t have access to user data

    • Apply your UX knowledge to analyze user interfaces according to best practices, generating improvements and assessments of current design quality
    • Produce product scorecards using data as well as expert analysis; compare your UX with competing products
    • Track and manage UX quality over time through scorecards
  • Storytelling to Present UX Work

    Build buy-in and increase impact by using persuasive, engaging stories to present research findings, abstract concepts, and design ideas

    • Understand how storytelling fits into the UX process, through research findings, abstract design concepts, team alignment, and implementation
    • Practice crafting persuasive, engaging stories that can be used when pitching new ideas, unifying development teams, and inspiring ideation
    • Leave with a deeper understanding of how to connect with your audience, remove bias, and speak clearly about the user and your designs
    • Learn how to improve your presentation skills by establishing language, presence, and timing