Strategy Courses

  • Attend NN/g courses at the UX Conference, or arrange Team Training for your team.

  • Managing User Experience Strategy

    Design thinking, early UX methods, content strategy, market research, quantitative assessments, process innovation, design patterns, and UX career development

    • Learn the business relevance of user experience
    • Understand essential user experience methods, including design, content and research strategy
    • Review people, organizational and career issues that impact user experience effectiveness
    • Develop a personal plan that is tailored for your particular situation, based on these concepts
  • Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking

    Unearthing user pain points to drive breakthrough design concepts

    • Learn how to identify user pain points through empathy and as-is scenario mapping
    • Determine the user’s needs and pinpoint opportunities for improvement 
    • Leverage needs statements to generate transformational design concepts
  • Analytics and User Experience

    Interpreting data trends in conversions, pageviews, and other user actions to identify opportunities and guide UX design

    • How to complement traditional UX/Usability qualitative testing methods with analytics data
    • Understanding UX interpretations of key analytics metrics
    • Figuring out where to start with analytics
  • Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs

    Learn the process for capturing and communicating UX insights across complex interactions

    • Determine when to apply journey mapping as a design tool, and how to convince others of its merit
    • Learn how to gather and compile research into truthful narratives, and find out which research methods are best for the journey mapping process
    • Understand how to visualize findings in the end visual and use that artifact to communicate your insights to others
  • Omnichannel Journeys and Customer Experience

    Create a usable and cohesive cross-channel experience by following guidelines to resolve common user pain points in a multi-channel landscape

    • Understand how customers interact with organizations through many channels and touch points
    • Discuss guidelines for creating seamless and cohesive users experiences as users interact with organizations over time and across channels
    • Learn how to research your omnichannel user experience to identify pain points
    • Discuss common barriers for success and how to position your organization to overcome them
  • User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design

    How to pick the best UX research method for each stage in the development process

    • Learn about the importance of non-traditional (lab-based) user research methodologies
    • Determine which methodology to use for your projects and when it’s most appropriate
    • Experiment with research methodologies through hands-on exercises
  • The UX VP/Director

    Leading UX at the Executive Level

    • Get a seat at the leadership table
    • Deliver a concise, business-focuses articulation of and commitment to user experience
    • Drive business objectives and deliver on corporate goals
  • Designing Influence

    Getting your best ideas adopted while building trusted relationships

    • Understand the art and the science of influencing 
    • Learn how to select the best method for the context you're in
    • Practice using a wide variety of UX influencing strategies and communication skills
  • Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In

    Get stakeholders on your side to launch the best possible UX design, content strategy, and other design priorities

    • How to get strategic agreement with stakeholders
    • Understanding the stakeholder point of view
    • Stakeholder mapping and other engagement techniques
  • Facilitating UX Workshops

    How to design and lead goal-based group exercises for collaborative gain

    • Learn how to design and facilitate UX workshops that produce insights to move your project forward
    • Build your skills and gain confidence in workshop facilitation
    • Take home new ideas for collaborative activities and learn how to design UX exercises for specific goals
  • UX Basic Training

    Be an effective UX professional: Know the lingo and sell the process

    • Understand the purpose and roles of UX professionals throughout a project lifecycle
    • Know when to apply which research methods and how to use the data to improve design
    • Assess your organization’s commitment to UX
    • Learn tips for promoting UX as a competitive advantage
  • UX Roadmaps

    Plan what your team will work on when, from next quarter to multi-year UX strategy. Align, prioritize, & communicate future work.

    • Learn how to create UX roadmaps for both short and long-horizon initiatives
    • Discover strategies for visualizing and communicating roadmaps to your team and stakeholders
    • Leave with the ability to adapt your roadmap to varying needs and purposes
  • Remote UX Design

    Research-driven best practices and frameworks to avoid the biggest challenges and obstacles in the remote design process

    • Create a remote UX playbook to take back to your organization
    • Learn about the most popular and effective tools and methods for remote UX
    • Discover practices and case studies for overcoming the biggest challenges of doing UX design remotely
  • Customer-Journey Management

    Establish and operationalize journey-level experience design work across functional group for continuous improvement

    • Understand how to address organizational barriers toward journey management
    • Pick up strategies to operationalize journey management practices
    • Learn about technologies and tools to help track customer experience success