Ideation Courses

  • Attend NN/g courses at the UX Conference, or arrange Team Training for your team.

  • Effective Ideation Techniques for UX Design

    Systematic methods for creative solutions to any UX design or redesign challenge

    • Understand how to improve the idea-generation phase of your UX design process
    • Practice a wide range of user-centered ideation techniques and learn how to adapt them for your team or project
    • Approach your design challenges with a fresh perspective
  • Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking

    Unearthing user pain points to drive breakthrough design concepts

    • Learn how to identify user pain points through empathy and as-is scenario mapping
    • Determine the user’s needs and pinpoint opportunities for improvement 
    • Leverage needs statements to generate transformational design concepts
  • Facilitating UX Workshops

    How to design and lead goal-based group exercises for collaborative gain

    • Learn how to design and facilitate UX workshops that produce insights to move your project forward
    • Build your skills and gain confidence in workshop facilitation
    • Take home new ideas for collaborative activities and learn how to design UX exercises for specific goals