Application Design Courses

  • Attend NN/g courses at the UX Conference, or arrange Team Training for your team.

  • Application Design for Web and Desktop

    GUI screen components, workflows, user types, design patterns, and ways of interacting with complex data

    Design applications for desktop and laptop computers that are understandable, learnable, and efficient.

    • Learn about user workflows and designing for complex tasks
    • Guidelines for app structure and time-tested interface patterns
    • Explore methods of showing, interacting with, and managing complex data
  • Designing Complex Apps for Specialized Domains

    Learn the design process for creating and evaluating applications for advanced decision making, complicated workflows, and complex domains

    • Understand and discuss the unique challenges of designing complex, domain-specific applications
    • Evolve your design process for creating and evaluating complex applications when you have limited domain expertise
    • Learn how to apply and adapt relevant design patterns to complex usage scenarios