1. Which of the following is NOT an example of accelerator?
    1. A keyboard shortcut like Ctrl-S to save
    2. A Siri shortcut
    3. A menu
    4. A gesture like swipe to delete in iOS



  2. Compared with emails without animated GIFs, emails with animated GIFS are perceived by users:
    1. As more trustworthy
    2. Less positively
    3. As more valuable
    4. As less dull



  3. Good abandonment describes a user behavior on what kind of page:
    1. Search-results page
    2. Product-detail page
    3. Product-list page
    4. Homepage



  4. Compared with users who skip a mobile-app walkthrough tutorial, users who sit through the tutorial will:
    1. Be faster to perform a task within the app
    2. Be less likely to successfully complete a task within the app
    3. Perceive a task within the app as more difficult
    4. Enjoy the app more



  5. Dark mode has been shown to:
    1. Support glanceable reading in people with normal vison
    2. Make users with normal vision be less fatigued
    3. Decrease visual acuity in people with normal vision
    4. Decrease reading rates in people with visual impairments such as cataract



  6. Which of the following is true of the information scent for a webpage?
    1. It does not vary from user to user.
    2. It does not depend on label of the link to that page.
    3. It stays the same regardless of the user’s goal.
    4. It represents an estimate of how valuable that user will find the page.



  7. In UX, the critical-incident technique is:
    1. A research method in which users are asked to recall an event with significant outcomes
    2. A type of expert review in which a usability expert focuses on the top task in a UI
    3. An analytics method that tracks the number of fatal failures that took place on a site
    4. A type of analysis which focuses on those user errors where users did not realize they got an incorrect answer for a task



  8. A semantic-differential scale:
    1. Has synonym adjectives at the scale ends
    2. Has antonym adjectives at the scale ends
    3. Cannot have an even number of scale points
    4. Has labels on all the scale points



  9. Which of the following accordion signifiers is most likely to signal to users that the accordion will open in place rather than leading to a new page?
    1. A plus
    2. A right arrow
    3. A caret (downward-facing arrow)
    4. No icon at all



  10. Which of the following is NOT true of contextual inquiry?
    1. It is a type of field study.
    2. It is done in the users’ natural environment.
    3. It simulates a master–apprentice relationship between user and researcher.
    4. It is a type of user testing.



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