Isn't Networking Just a Fad?
September 11, 2006

Upland, CA (PRWEB) -- Some people thought referral networking was simply fashionable. Just another flash-in-the-pan business "self help" concept, right?

"Wrong!" say the authors of a new book called, Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking's Biggest Myths (Nelson Business, ISBN 0785223207). Networking -- also referred to as word of mouth, or referral marketing -- has not only stood the test of time. It has given rise over the past two decades to a global industry devoted to helping you market your business by building the businesses of your fellow networkers.

"Referral marketing arose in the vacuum created by a disappearing sense of community," explains New York Times best-selling author Dr. Ivan Misner. "Small town culture in which we work for and with people we know personally -- think Little House on the Prairie -- was eventually replaced by the 1980s 'Me Generation'. That left America, and many other countries, with fragmented, impersonal business relationships."

As Misner and his co-authors write in Truth or Delusion, "In networking organizations, though we may be lost in a sea of people in our big cities, we form relationships and do business with people who live near us and share a mutual interest in helping our businesses grow. At the same time, our reach is worldwide, giving us vastly more options and resources to tap for any need. It's the best of both worlds-and referral marketing is the discipline that brings it all together."

As Founder & Chairman of BNI, Misner's seen referral networking grow into an abiding way of life for tens of thousands of small business owners and professionals worldwide. Fad? No way. Truth or Delusion busts that myth -- and many others.

Questions? Call Dr. Ivan Misner at BNI Headquarters in the USA at 1-909-608-7575 (e-mail:

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BNI ( is a referral networking organization, with more than 4,400 groups in 33 countries worldwide. BNI's Founder & Chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner is the author of several book's including the NY Times best-seller, Masters of Networking, ( and the recently released, Truth or Delusion ( He is also the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute (, a referral training company with operations around the world.


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The new book- Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking's Biggest Myths co-authored by Ivan Misner, Mike Macedonio, and Mike Garrison.

In this book we tackle 49 questions and/or myths about networking and show how they are in fact "truth" or "delusion".

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