TRUTH OR DELUSION? Makes New York Times Best Sellers List for the Second Time!
Friday Dec 29, 2006

TRUTH OR DELUSION? Makes New York Times Best Sellers List for the Second Time! Released: Dec 28, 2006 Truth or Delusion has once again achieved extraordinary recognition as the #7 bestseller on the New York Times Hardcover Business Best Sellers monthly list for November 2006! Since its release in October of 2006, Truth or Delusion? has earned highly esteemed spots on the bestseller lists of several publications. In its first two days after release, it became #1 on the bestseller list with and quickly earned spots on other lists such as #3 on the USA TODAY Money Best Sellers list, #4 on the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Books list, and #6 on the prominent New York Times Best Sellers list! With Truth or Delusion? being returned once again to the illustrious New York Times Best Sellers list, its reputation as an essential networking handbook of sorts is continuing to grow. There is no limit to the diverse array of people unto which this immensely useful book can be of help and value. Michelle Donovan, a successful business owner, echoes this assertion on with her statement: ďAs a business owner, I am recommending this book to other business owners, sales professionals, and even recent college graduates entering the business work force. This one book clarifies the true meaning and essence of business networking.Ē Though Truth or Delusion? sells for under twenty dollars, the wealth of information that exudes from its pages is invaluable. Now that is one brilliant investment! Itís no wonder that this book made the New York Times Best Sellers list twice!!

The new book- Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking's Biggest Myths co-authored by Ivan Misner, Mike Macedonio, and Mike Garrison.

In this book we tackle 49 questions and/or myths about networking and show how they are in fact "truth" or "delusion".

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