Do Introverts Make Terrible Networkers?
Saturday Oct 28, 2006

Upland, CA (PRWEB via PRWeb) October 23, 2006 -- Look around a room the next time you attend a networking event. See if you can pick out all the "introverts." You'll probably look for the stereotypically quiet folks who are discreetly plastering themselves against a wall. And you'll be wrong.

Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking's Biggest Myths
In fact, you just shook hands with an introvert as you walked into the room. She was the one who said, "Welcome to our event. My name is Debbie and I'm a Chamber ambassador today."

OK, sure, you'll find some wallflowers, too. You might even be one of them! But here's a secret: Debbie and the other "introverts" actively participating in that networking event probably devoured the tips in a new book called, "Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking's Biggest Myths" (Nelson Business, ISBN 0785223207).

"Networking is a skill set that can be learned -- no matter your level of gregariousness," says New York Times best-selling author Dr. Ivan Misner. "The type of networking we recommend can actually be easier for the introvert than for the extrovert. The extrovert wants to talk about himself; the introvert wants other people to talk. This is perfect when it comes to building relationships."

As Misner and his "Truth or Delusion" co-authors point out, all networkers possess two ears and one mouth. Introverted networkers already know how to use them proportionately.

Forget the stereotypes. Get your own copy of networking myth-busters via at:

Questions? Call Dr. Ivan Misner at BNI Headquarters in the USA at 1-909-608-7575).

BNI ( is a referral networking organization, with more than 4,400 groups in 33 countries worldwide. BNI's Founder & Chairman, Dr. Ivan Misner is the author of several book's including the NY Times best-seller, "Masters of Networking," ( and the recently released "Truth or Delusion" ( He is also the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute (, a referral training company with operations around the world.

The new book- Truth or Delusion, Busting Networking's Biggest Myths co-authored by Ivan Misner, Mike Macedonio, and Mike Garrison.

In this book we tackle 49 questions and/or myths about networking and show how they are in fact "truth" or "delusion".

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