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Geopolitics: Timeline

Whilst the future remains uncertain, it is clear that geopolitics will always be a key theme within the development of the travel and tourism sector.

Geopolitics: Trends as drivers of tourism

Covid-19 has heightened geopolitical flashpoints worldwide – primarily being led by the two hegemonic super powers, the US and China. With air bridges and travel bubbles now looking to form, more tensions are likely to...

Geopolitics: Negative Trends For Travellers

Terrorism and conflict can be a closely knit theme with geopolitics for travellers, as one crisis can be accelerated, subsequently scaling into a more extreme event. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) actively…

Geopolitics: Trends contributing to Geopolitical tensions

Geopolitics refers to the influence of factors such as geography, economics, demographics and culture in the politics of a state. Pandemics, trade wars, nuclear weapons, land disputes, cyber-attacks, military tensions,…