Specialties are not required for UX Certification or UX Master Certification.

Choose to become an expert in any of the 3 Specialty areas:

Interaction Design: Learn tenets that you can apply to any design situation, including websites, mobile UX, complex and simple software applications, and consumer products.

UX Management: Learn to integrate UX successfully by leading UX activities and mature or inexperienced teams. Apply known UX and management practices to effectively plan, communicate, negotiate, control, and measure UX work, people, and processes.

UX Research: Cover the gamut of UX research methods and get hands-on experience in executing the techniques effectively and soundly.

Requirements for Specialties

  • Achieving a Specialty automatically grants UX Certification, as the 5 courses and exams required for a Specialty also meet the UX Certification requirements.
  • Select any 5 courses from the set of possible courses for the particular Specialty.
  • Attend 5 full-day courses (30 training hours). For courses that span multiple days, each day counts as a separate course.
  • Pass an exam for each of the 5 courses.