Benefits of UX Certification

NN/g's training and UX Certification program offers in-depth, targeted learning about the most important UX topics and effective UX techniques. Maximize the value of your training budget by selecting courses that cover exactly what you need to know in an intensive, focused environment. NN/g UX training offers:

  • Practical design guidelines based on hundreds of research studies, covering thousands of UX-related topics. 
  • Flexible requirements that let you choose courses to suit your needs
  • Exams that test both theoretical knowledge about best practices, and how to apply guidelines in practical situations

More individual and organizational benefits are described below; or browse these additional resources:

Individual Benefits of UX Certification

Invest in your career and education. UX Certification shows prospective clients, employers, managers, and colleagues your dedication to and interest in the field, as well as your expanding knowledge of it.

  • Build a solid foundation: New practitioners can gain knowledge and prove their mastery of it
  • Refresh skills and learn new ones: Experienced UX professionals can acquire specific knowledge, brush up on the basics, or learn new skills. Even if you have a university degree in a UX-related area, UX Certification can invigorate your qualifications.
  • Distinguish yourself and add credentials: Job seekers can add UX Certification to their résumé and get a leg up.
  • Convince other people about UX: Gain authority, confidence, and credibility.
  • Transition from a different field to UX: Get introductory and advanced training from a competent source to kick-start your new career.
  • Earn a “stamp of approval”: Consultants and agencies can set themselves apart from the competition to help win bids.
  • Enhance your career: Choose courses that complement your specific interests and needs.
  • Work toward self-improvement: UX Certification shows a commitment to continual growth and advancement.

Organization Benefits of UX Certification

UX Certification will get your teams up and running in user experience and give all team members the groundwork needed to make concrete design and development decisions based on training rather than opinion.

  • Build consistency and speak the same language: Studying our varied topics can build consistency in knowledge and practice across teams, especially between multiple teams at organizations large and small.
  • Reach a desired level of expertise: Achieve a common knowledge and expertise level on your team and between teams. Realize common ground and agreement.
  • Start a UX group: Let experts with years of experience starting UX teams launch your team. Get everyone up to speed with the best foundation for research and design, which they can build upon for years to come. Acquiring ROI and other tools for your collection will sell UX to everyone at the organization.
  • Refresh usability expertise: Rejuvenate your awareness of design guidelines and up-to-date best practices. Reinforce or round out your team’s design and research toolbox.
  • Increase credibility: As outside consultants, our researchers can help grow your team’s confidence, positively affecting other people’s perceptions of the team.
  • Create a central review team: Set up an internal teaching and monitoring team to ensure UX design and research are sound and efficient across the organization. Benefit from having all of your teams share collective goals. Gain an extra level of credibility to shore up your central team’s success.
  • Balance your team: When individual team members acquire different UX Specialties, your team will be poised to meet any design challenge.
  • Hire the right people: Look for a certain level of knowledge from job interviewees before they are hired (or possibly even interviewed).
  • Provide background to QA teams: Help QA teams integrate usability and UX into their test scripts and processes. Focus on actual user tasks when testing software quality.

Badges, Certificates, and Designatory Letters

NN/g emails qualified UX Certificate holders the credentials needed to download the following UX Certificates and badges: 

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group  UX Master Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

Tips for displaying your badge on your website or LinkedIn profile.

UX Certificate

An example of PDF UX Certificates, summarizing the holder’s achievements:

Example UX Certificate

Example UX Master Certificate


Credentials (Designatory Letters)

After you achieve UX Certification, you are welcome to display the following designatory letters after your name:

  • UXC, for people with UX Certification 
  • UXMC, for people with UX Master Certification

(Specialties do not have designatory letters.)


Although Nielsen Norman Group teaches UX courses and requires that candidates pass exams for UX Certification, NN/g is neither a university nor a learning institution. Rather, our UX training courses provide an opportunity for people to learn from some of the best UX experts in the world and thereby refine their knowledge and skills.