Effective Ideation Techniques for UX Design

Systematic methods for creative solutions to any UX design or redesign challenge

This course covers the ideation stage in the UX design process, as well as tips for improving the creative process on your team.

We have many methods for evaluating the quality of design ideas to see what works with users, but how do we generate those ideas in the first place? We can’t just hope for inspiration to strike, we need an organized discipline for generating user interface ideas. In this class, you’ll learn how to look at your research and the field of UX as sources of inspiration to solve thorny design problems.

Ideation is not just for dreaming up the next big disruptive technology. These systematic methods for solving UX challenges are just as useful for everyday design activities, such as redesigning a registration form that suffers from a low conversion rate, improving the homepage for an intranet, or restructuring the functionality of a mission-critical feature in an enterprise application.

"This workshop gave me a lot of confidence to implement ideation techniques with my team. It's very well argumented and decisions that we might take as common sens are explained here as design principles that can really improve our UX Design solutions to a problem in response."

Inês Santiago, People's Playground

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