Maria Rosala

Maria Rosala is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. She plans and executes independent research for NN/g and leads UX training courses. Her strength in various research methodologies enables Maria to derive in-depth insight and guide clients as they improve the UX of products and services.



Articles and Videos

  • Remarkable Organizations and Challenges, Fast Development, and Small Teams Define the 2021 Intranet Design Annual Winners

    Winning intranets were created quickly; and all winners welcomed expertise and assistance from outside agencies.

  • How Wellcome Trust Developed an Award-Winning Intranet

    Wellcome Trust’s winning intranet, Trustnet, is the product of a user-centered design, a clear product vision, in-house development capabilities, and Agile development.

  • Stakeholder Analysis for UX Projects

    UX professionals often work hard to convince stakeholders to support UX research and design efforts. Recognizing who your key stakeholders are and how they impact your work is the first step to building fruitful stakeholder relationships.

  • Writing an Effective Guide for a UX Interview

    Preparing a guide for a user interview ensures that topics relevant to your research questions are covered, and that the interview captures in-depth information about people’s lives and needs.

  • You Can't Test Everything, So What Should You Test?

    Nobody has enough user-research budget to test everything, so you must focus usability testing on those features that will matter the most for the user experience and have the most business impact. Here's a simple method to prioritize what to test.

  • Using “How Might We” Questions to Ideate on the Right Problems

    Constructing how-might-we questions generates creative solutions while keeping teams focused on the right problems to solve.

  • User Control and Freedom (Usability Heuristic #3)

    Users often make mistakes or change their minds. Allow them to exit a flow or undo their last action and go back to the system’s previous state.

  • Task Analysis: Support Users in Achieving Their Goals

    Task analysis is the systematic study of how users complete tasks to achieve their goals. This knowledge ensures products and services are designed to efficiently and appropriately support those goals.

  • UX Portfolios: What Hiring Managers Look For

    We asked over 200 hiring managers who hire for UX jobs what they look for in candidates' portfolios. The expectations are different for people looking to be hired as designers vs. as researchers, and also different for junior vs. senior positions.

  • Crafting Product-Specific Design Principles to Support Better Decision Making

    Product design principles (or, in short, design principles) are value statements that frame design decisions and support consistency in decision making across teams working on the same product or service.