Rachel Krause

Rachel Krause is a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group. Her areas of expertise include storytelling, UX in agile, design thinking, scaling design, and UX leadership. She has also planned and conducted research on careers, UX maturity, and intranets for clients and practitioners in numerous industries.


Articles and Videos

  • Derailed Design Critiques: Tactics for Getting Back on Track

    Feedback during design critiques can be filled with hypothetical scenarios and unactionable suggestions. The right facilitation techniques help stakeholders and team members stay on track while still feeling heard.

  • Remote Design Work: Top Challenges

    Communication is the top challenge when designing remotely, according to 213 UX professionals. Receiving feedback, replicating informal conversations, and maintaining a clear direction on projects were the biggest communication concerns.

  • Maintain Consistency and Adhere to Standards (Usability Heuristic #4)

    Users should not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing. Follow platform and industry conventions.

  • Skill Mapping: A Digital Template for Remote Teams

    A collaborative spreadsheet is an efficient tool for evaluating skills of UX team members and creating an overall team shape.

  • UX Portfolios: What Hiring Managers Look For

    We asked over 200 hiring managers who hire for UX jobs what they look for in candidates' portfolios. The expectations are different for people looking to be hired as designers vs. as researchers, and also different for junior vs. senior positions.

  • Turning Complex Data into Compelling Stories: A 5-Step Process

    Uncover the story within extensive UX-research data by following a process of revisiting original research objectives and organizing findings into themes.

  • UX Portfolios: Preparing for Interviews

    Your portfolio must play two roles when you apply for a UX job: first persuade the hiring manager to bring you in for an interview (or even a first screening call) and then support you during the interview itself.

  • Applying UX-Workshop Techniques to the Hiring Process

    Create an effective hiring process by borrowing techniques used in UX workshops.

  • What a UX Career Looks Like Today

    Our latest research on UX careers looks into specialization, explores unique backgrounds of practitioners entering the field, and details the skills and responsibilities needed to work in UX today.

  • Retrospectives 102: The Sailboat Method

    After each sprint, the team should have a retrospective session to identify what went well or not so well. The sailboat metaphor is a nice way to structure such retrospectives.